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A voyage over an emerald sea, past characteristic coves and beaches of snowwhite sand … this is Sardinia, an island that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colors of a region that boasts old traditions and a wild and pure nature.

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, wild horses and rapacious birds.

The sea reigns over this region with its colors that migrate into the coves, along the coasts, towards the beaches and the most popular resorts. An example is the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with Porto Cervo set as its gemstone and uniting the history and culture of ancient traditions with a joyful and colourful nightlife.

Concierge Suggestions

We believe that itineraries need to be personalized, and can work for anyone from honeymooners and adventurers to families and multi-gen groups as long as they are tailored to your interests. Our connections on the ground in Italy allow us to provide first-class private experiences. All tours and day-trips are private and can be tailored to your personal preferences. Here are some of our favorites; many more can be created by our expert team.

Private Luxury Charter:

A true heaven of wild nature, white sandy beaches, hidden coves, and exclusive tourist attractions including Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and Costa Smeralda. Divine Italy Luxury Yacht Charter is always a top-rated choice of those who rent a luxury boat. Jet-setters from all over the world and the arresting views of Costa Smeralda. The perf flock yearly to the crystal-clear waters of this stunning island and its exclusive destinations, like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. A seven-day charter holiday discloses hidden coves to be approached only by boatect destination to visit on a chartered sailboat or motorboat, Sardinia is a region of incredible experiences and memorable sights.

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Sardinia as a local:

Fall in love with Sardinia, from the sparkling clear sea to the mouth-watering cuisine, we will take you to experience the real Sardinia. We will help you to fall in love with our breathtaking island, which is welcoming, rich in traditions and provides some of the cleanest and tastiest cuisine in the world. We will organise private guided tours to wineries, local producers (cheese factories, olive oil mills, traditional bakeries) and meet local artisans.

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On behalf of the entire Concierge team we wish to extend you a very warm welcome and trust your trip to Italy will be both enjoyable and comfortable. We would be delighted to assist you in organizing a memorable trip to our gorgeous and beloved country.

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