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Portofino & Cinque Terre

An ancient and sophisticated village overlooking a sea of indescribable beauty: this is Portofino, an Italian gem long-frequented by prominent personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture and finance.

The brightly-colored houses are stacked one close to the other, as though they were the tiles in a precious mosaic; they rest at the foot of the promontory and plunged in lush vegetation. The famous "Piazzetta" nestles in a small nook along the coast: the heart of fashionable Portofino, it overlooks the picturesque harbor, populated by small fishing boats and luxurious yachts.

Cinque Terre is the name of a district that encompasses five glorious towns, where small houses are surrounded by lush nature. Visitors to this district will be fascinated by the beauty of these five small villages, namely: Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

The inhabitants of Cinque Terre benefit not only from its pristine waters, but from its natural environment, where wild nature is interspersed with vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards, creating a precious bond between man, his traditions and this breathtaking stretch of coast.

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We believe that itineraries need to be personalized, and can work for anyone from honeymooners and adventurers to families and multi-gen groups as long as they are tailored to your interests. Our connections on the ground in Italy allow us to provide first-class private experiences. All tours and day-trips are private and can be tailored to your personal preferences. Here are some of our favorites; many more can be created by our expert team.

Cinque Terre Tour:

An exciting adventure to the Cinque Terre National Park, an unforgettable whole day devoted to the discovery of one of the most enchanting landscapes in the world. Five (Cinque) villages, suspended between sea and land, a place where you can immerse yourself into paradise, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Admire the brightly colored homes leaning one against another and stroll along the narrow cobblestone alleyways. Feel the breeze on your skin and enjoy stunning panoramic views. Once arrived at the last stop, RIOMAGGIORE, you will have some free time to explore the striking seaside town surrounding a small, natural port. Enjoy the views of the late afternoon sun shining through the brightly colored homes. An unmissable excursion where pastel colored houses, blue cobalt sea, and panoramic views are your travel companions.

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Portofino Luxury Boat Cruise:

The history of this famous village in the world, has its roots in Roman times. Fishing village and safe harbor for boats coming up the coast, Portofino has always been a trading hub for goods and people. This pearl of the Ligurian Sea today is popular with tourists and celebrities; its unique landscape, crystal clear water and unspoiled nature make Portofino one of the most beautiful and well known villages worldwide. For adventurous holidays in Italy, step aboard a sleek motor yacht to set sail with the crew. Choose between a 62ft motor yacht (max eight persons + two crew) or a 79ft motor yacht (max 10 persons + two crew). Whichever you opt for, anticipate a breathtaking ride.

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