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Naples & Sorrento

Naples is a magical place where colors, flavors, culture and history are intertwined in a charming mix of knowledge, joy and fun. The area is loomed over by Mt. Vesuvius and overlooks a marvelous bay, whose beauty has served as driving inspiration for many an artist.

The allure of the landscape, the beautiful islands that dot the blue waters of the Mediterranean like jewels, the energy of a fiery and vivacious people open the doors to that joie de vivre that pervades every inch of this land, whose popular songs and delicious recipes never fade.

The multitude of places will excite every type of tourist: from the art and history enthusiast to the nature and sea lover, from the enogastronomy to the ancient traditions.

Sorrento, a town that spreads over a terrace of tufo, seems to tumble into the sea. Throughout this view paradisical panorama, indented and inaccessible coasts weave their colors with those of small and hidden beaches, creating a unique and enthralling scenery.

Here, the work of man is truly monolithic. The roughest areas are now made up of a series of terraces sloping down towards the sea, used for the cultivation of citrus, olive trees and vines. These gardens give off heady scents of oranges, lemons and orange-blossoms. Music and entertainment, sun and sea, history and culture.

Concierge Suggestions

We believe that itineraries need to be personalized, and can work for anyone from honeymooners and adventurers to families and multi-gen groups as long as they are tailored to your interests. Our connections on the ground in Italy allow us to provide first-class private experiences. All tours and day-trips are private and can be tailored to your personal preferences. Here are some of our favorites; many more can be created by our expert team.


A trip to discover Naples historical centre and the deep and ancient silence of a lost world: Naples Underground, a fascinating mixture of catacombs and caves, Roman roads and markets, World War II air-raid shelters, and early Christian burial sites of faded frescoes and mosaics. Forty meters below the characteristic and lively streets of the Historic Center of Naples, you find a different world, unexplored, isolated by time, but deeply connected with the world above. It’s the heart of Naples, and the place from which the city was born. To visit it is to travel to the past, a world 2400 years old.Every historic epic, from the foundation of Neopolis, to the bombs of WWII, has left it’s mark on the walls of the yellow tufa stone, the soul of Naples, and the stone with which the city was built. Naples Underground is the most famous and fascinating guided tour underneath the city of Naples. Our guides will take you on a journey through 2,400 years of history, from the ancient Greeks to modern times, unveiling the “womb” of Naples from an archaeological, historical, anthropological and geological point of view.

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The 2 Coasts (Amalfi and Sorrento) Tour by Helicopter:

Situated on a natural terrace made of tuff which falls sheer directly above the sea,Sorrento is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. The ancient origins of the town can be seen in the octagonal map dating back to Roman times, the Arabian influenced architecture of the Church of St Francis of Assisi, and the splendid aristocratic villas built in the town in various periods of history. Divine Italy offers a unique way to admire the natural and artistic treasures of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. A 50-minute helicopter tour of the gulf of Salerno (Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Sorrento). Going through the Sorrentine Peninsula which shows on the Bay of Naples till find yourself on the amazing scenery of the Amalfi Coast and its emerald sea which pours Amalfi, Positano and Salerno.

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On behalf of the entire Concierge team we wish to extend you a very warm welcome and trust your trip to Italy will be both enjoyable and comfortable. We would be delighted to assist you in organizing a memorable trip to our gorgeous and beloved country.

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